For most people, life insurance is viewed as a death benefit. Designed to pay the final expenses as result of a funeral. Life insurance is an asset. Assets include real and intangible properties; it is a gift. A gift of life insurance has value. Value is expressed in many forms.

The gift of life insurance gives people time. Nevertheless, without life insurance time is absorbed by liquidating real and personal properties. Therefore, just to maintain a comfortable standard of living. Life insurance adds value. Moreover, a person or a family members need a peace of mind as they recover from the loss. You can only get a peace of mind from life insurance proceeds. Yes, and I agree that no one want to see their love ones pass away.

People’s understanding and the way they process the grieving cycle are different. However, the proceeds can make life a little easier. As a result, knowing that they have the freedom to pay off their mortgage, pay off an existing debt, pay money toward a child’s college fund, and or create a cash reserve for spending money in future years.

When you think about life insurance again; think about the essence of life insurance and what it does. So, think about the person’s unselfish dedication. Whenever someone pays the premiums for life insurance. They are acquiring a settlement action. Released to you, as cash proceeds. So, love takes care of you. Gone but not forgotten. Please give thought to how a person’s commitment to you translate into expression of love.