Today’s seniors face more planning decision than any other age group. As people age, they are forced to think about their health insurance and other health related issues, social security claiming decision (ages 62 to 70), retirement decision (financial resources in retirement), & long-term care decision. Additionally, people are also concerned about whether or not they have to take care of a love one; perhaps sickly and requires attention or taking care of grandchildren or trying to put children or sending grandchildren to college. When people turn 62; they have to think and re-think their planning decisions to be sure that they are covered on the planning issues that are most important to them. Understandably, people are not able to plan for every issue. However, planning is essential. It is important that people maintain their standard of living and be able to live life respectfully.

The paradox to the decision making requires intricate attention to details and is best done 5 to 10 years prior to retirement. If planning strategies are not implemented early. Seniors may find themselves making hasty decisions into their retirement years. The senior population are best served when they consult with an competent advisor to discuss their planning issues. Planning decisions may not be easy and may require some adjustment to their thought process. Reflect on the following: 1) Can I retire if necessity? 2) Do I have to necessarily work to maintain my standard of living? 3) Can I retire by choice? and/or 4) Can I work by choice?

Plan today, work with an advisor to help you address some needs as you move toward retirement so you will have a better perspective on securing your financial future. At Grove Financial Group Inc, we are excited about the work that we do and motivated about helping people achieve one or more of their financial goals. Begin your plan today by calling us right away.