Living w/Disability

As financial services professional, we are often tasked with helping clients accumulate wealth to be use at their end stages of life or to pass to their beneficiaries. However, we can not know how life can change or even how to plan for the changes that people face in life. Living w/disability takes on other challenges.


We have experienced the importance of having a good plan in place and knowing just how quickly life can change; can leave a devastating affect on everyone. In December of 2016, my son – a sergeant in the Marine Corps—was in an accident during a martial arts demonstration that has left him a quadriplegic.

While our son will be taken care of and will have the financial and physical care he needs. Most people will not have the benefits of the financial freedoms and the physical care needed without having the proper medical insurance and the proper disability coverage.

Life changes…

This experience has thought our family much about healthcare and how disability affects the individual that is injured as a result of the disability and the family that helps them through recovery. We spent eleven months with our son as he was cared for by the Veteran Hospital, and even more time relocating him to independent living. Our experience was challenging and the situation is still unfolding; however. I am armed with the knowledge to achieve the best for my clients.

When disability happens, life becomes very real. The experience is real, the expense is real, the care needs are real, the resources that one need are very real.

We’re proud of our son’s service, and we’re thrilled to help him get back to full mobility. Ask how we can help you gain access to proper disability coverage, call today at 251 343-0037 or toll free at 855-945-0088 ext 0 or visit

Happy birthday to our son, Marcus.