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As an Accountant, our team work with clients throughout the United States. We specialize in helping companies increase profitability and to improve cash flow. Verify your savings today!

Industries we help:

  • Hotels   
  • Manufacturing   
  • Funeral Homes   
  • Medical Facilities   
  • Restaurants
  • Golf Courses   
  • Commercial Real Estate   
  • Auto Dealerships   
  • Construction
  • Software Developers   
  • Architect & Engineering   
  • Online Retailers


As a Business Consultant, we help businesses align vision and values of the organization. We help organizations meet strategic goals, interpret organizational values and managing growth potentials. We bring top level skillset to design processes to increase contracting opportunities. We help maximize operating efficiency and integrate customer and supplier business functions. 


For individual clients:

Retirement planning is essential to your overall well-being in retirement. Individuals retiring at age 65 today will spend thirty to forty years in retirement. One question remains: where will my retirement income come from and will I have enough money in retirement? While there are other intrinsic value to retirement. Knowing the places to travel, the charitable things to do in retirement, and the social setting or the hobbies helps balance the overall purpose that one can gain from being retired. Planning for retirement is paramount to every working person looking to retire in the next ten to five years. The purpose here is to address any income shortfall and or to ensure that your planning objective is on target.

Whether you’re facing retirement and or need guidance on your overall financial outlook. We are here to evaluate either option and to position you with the best strategy to help you meet your financial planning goals.

Start savings today and plan your financial future.

Our strategy works best when we can establish a working relationship to transition to the next level. Understanding where you are and where you are trying to go in your plan is helpful to positioning the right plan for you. Building a legacy comes by securing life insurance as a practical way to start. We provide professional help that allows us to help you better understand your options.

In addition to creating a plan, have you considered protecting your business in case you are unable to work for an extended period of time due to an illness or injury? What would happen to your lifestyle and your business if you could not work due to a disabling illness or injury? How long could you, your family, or your employees manage without your usual income? You may not think you are at risk, but did you know that over one in four of today’s 20 year-old will become disabled before reaching age 67?

Leon Grove DBA MBA ChFC(R) RICP(R), CEO, Grove Financial Group Inc. helps with the following:

Wealth Transfer:

Transfer massive amounts of wealth to your heirs, charity, school or foundation utilizing the most powerful and cost effective manner while guaranteeing the results, and

Estate Plan:

Engage in estate planning utilizing the benefits of your business to accomplish the most cost effective ILIT in existence, and

Qualified Plan Rescue:

By redirecting participating funds, the opportunity exists to generate a structure that results in tax free distributions that may be applied against taxes due on distributions out of a qualified plan, and

Business Exit Planning:

With the ability of the front loading to be assumed, it may provide massive benefit to the business seller and buyer at sale, and

Key-man & Buy/Sell:

With the insurance contained within the structure, it can be used as a wealth accumulation medium and address insurance needs simultaneously, and

An understanding of today’s economic environment can be overwhelming. We help to protect the future of you and your loved ones. Our first priority is your overall financial success, we extend to you a helping hand – purposely helping you reach your retirement objective.

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